Patient Forms

Everything you need to know for your first appointment


  1. Please complete the appropriate questionnaire below and send it to our office.
  2. When you submit your questionnaire, please include any lab work from the past year.
  3. You may fax your questionnaire to 678-550-9518 or email your paperwork to

You may download our HIPPA Policy here, you do not need to send this in with your paperwork, or bring it to your appointment.

Payment Policies

  • The initial consultation is $179.00, payment is due at your appointment. We accept major credit cards, cash, and checks.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule, please provide 24 hours notice. We do charge a full appointment cost if an appointment is missed without proper notice.
  • Packages of sessions expire after six months and are non-refundable.


  • Insurance may provide reimbursement for your appointment.
  • If you are seeking insurance reimbursement for your appointment, please find out if you will be reimbursed before requesting paperwork.
  • Please request insurance paperwork during your appointment time. There is a $15.00 fee for paperwork handled outside of your scheduled appointment.