Work With Us

In just a few easy steps you can be on your way to better health! Here’s how to get started working with us.

1. Schedule a 15 Minute Complimentary Call

  • This is a great chance to make sure we are the right fit for you.
  • You can use this time to ask questions about our services.
  • To schedule, call (678) 203-1513, email or use our online scheduling system.

2. Meet with your dietitian for your initial assessment

  • The goal of your first appointment isĀ  to work together to come up with an individualized nutrition plan so that you can achieve your health and wellness goals.
  • Because we practice functional nutrition, during your first appointment we will explore all different facets of health including:
    • Your medical history
    • Current diet and eating habits
    • Medications and supplements
    • Social and emotional well-being
  • Your first appointment will be 90 minutes. We work with clients in office, by phone and through our secure video conferencing system.
  • By the end of the session you will be provided with personalized meal ideas, support and guidance to make these healthy changes a part of your lifestyle. We may also request labwork and have suggestions for supplements.

3. Choose your follow up plan and start achieving your goals!

  • The overall purpose of a follow up appointment is to help you continue to reach your goals. Plus, we love seeing you and hearing about your progress! During your follow up appointments you can expect:
    • Motivation and support
    • Accountability
    • Following up on lab tests
    • Measuring improvements + tracking outcomes
    • Reevaluating goals + troubleshooting barriers to success
    • Creating new goals


4. Continue your success with one of our Ongoing Support Programs

  • The only thing we love more than hearing about your progress during a follow up appointment, is being able to keep in touch and hear how you are doing after you’ve achieved your goals! We offer a quarterly check in program and/or an unlimited email access program for clients who have achieved success working with us and would like a little bit of extra accountability as they move towards maintenance.